About Us

The Wyoming Falconers' Association Mission


To improve, aid, and encourage competency in the art and practice of falconry; to promote a high standard of conduct among falconers; and to promote conservation of birds of prey and an appreciation of them in nature and in wildlife conservation programs.

Good Moral Character


Any interested person of good moral character who is willing to accept the provisions of the constitution and bylaws of the Wyoming Falconers' Association may become a regular or associate or life member of the Association.



Conservation is important to all falconers.  We depend on robust bird or prey populations and their quarry.  Join us and help conserve what makes Wyoming great!

WFA History



1974: Initial meeting in Casper, organized by Warren Higby of Lander, and Gordon Crawford from Casper. Wyoming Falconers’ Association created and officers selected. 

Early framework for state falconry regulations written by State Biologist Warren Higby starting in 1972. 

1975: Second meeting of WFA, held in Casper. Constitution and by-laws were written. New officers were elected. 

WFA members participated in Wyoming Game & Fish public hearings throughout the state to provide input to help make regulations reasonable and workable. 

1976: WFA partnered with Wyoming Game & Fish to write and develop the booklet “In the Hand Identification of Wyoming’s Falconiformes.” The intent of the publication was to assist G&F employees in identifying raptor species in the field, and is an example of the partnership between the Association and the State.

Wyoming U.S. Senator Malcolm Wallop co-sponsored an amendment to Sec. 9 of the Endangered Species Act exempting captive-reared raptors from the provision of the Act allowing for their sale and use in falconry. 

Accomplishments: The topics below are examples of some of the work achieved by the WFA in collaboration with the Wyoming Game & Fish Department and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service:

· Gyrfalcon harvest

· Extended falconry season for upland game birds

· Legalizing captive breeding and sales

· Legalizing golden eagles for falconry

· Sage grouse hawking seasons

· Sage grouse conservation

· Updating falconry regulations

· Peregrine take

· Wyoming was first state to adopt Federal Falconry Regulations

· Wyoming was first state to allow non-resident take of raptors for falconry purposes

People who have been instrumental in addressing Wyoming falconry issues:

· Frank Beebe

· Robert Berry

· Alan Beske

· Kristie Brown

· Bill Burnham

· John & Frank Craighead

· Fran Hamerstrom

· Warren and Mary Higby

· Peter Jenny

· Steve Jones

· Dan McCarron

· Bob Oakleaf

· Dave Remple

· Malcolm Wallop

· Pete Widener

· Roger Wilson

WFA Founding Members:

· Mike and Jocelyn Barker

· Tim Chervik

· Gordon Crawford

· Les Crawford

· Dave Current

· Steve Duffy

· Dave Foley

· Jim Fustos

· Randy Goss

· Warren and Mary Higby

· Keith James

· Tracy Long

· Mick and Cindy Marchitelli

· Randy Shaw

· Jan Twyford

· Tom Twyford

· Jim Wear

WFA members on the Archives of Falconry - Wall of Remembrance:


David M. Foley

L. Warren Higby

Tom Maechtle

“Mick” Marchitelli

Rande E. Money

Kenny Sterner